Thursday, 14 May 2020

Post COVID 19

As we prepare for the reopening of our Economy, and the Guest House, 
there are many things that we will have to do as an accommodation provider .

For a start, while we're still under lock down, we are stripping the bedrooms and bathrooms to make sure that they are thoroughly sanitized, from top to bottom.

  I have removed all the bedding, now I am waiting for the "muscle" to  
take the mattresses off so that they, and the bases can be vacuumed and sprayed.  
Head board covers, throws, duvets and pillows off,  all to be sanitized.

 The weather is perfect for this, we can open the windows, and allow the sunshine 
and fresh air in,before the next stage.

I must admit I will be glad to see the staff when lockdown is lifted for our 
industry, although this is quite a good work out.  😊

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