Monday, July 10, 2017

If Winter comes can Spring be far behind.........

While we are all shivering here in Cape Town, and the snow is lying white on the mountains, and plenty to more still to come, we hope, our thoughts turn to spring.

The 1st of September is only seven weeks
away.   Have we had enough rain for a good spring flower show this year?  Certainly not enough to fill our desperately empty dams.  Please use and re-use water very carefully.

Cape Town and surrounds really show off in spring with wild flowers, where ever the
seeds have a little soil to grow in, next to busy city freeways and roads as well as in our many green spaces and of course Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

For those who can travel further afield, the West Coast is usually magnificent, and prime places to visit are Darling, West Coast National Park and the Cedarberg areas to mention but a few.

So settle down with your favourite Cape wine and a good map, to start planning those Wild Flower excursions, because before you know it, Spring will be here.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Glorious Cape Town winter sunsets.

 Spare a thought for those persons less privileged or hit by one of our 
recent disasters and donate blankets, warm clothing and dry goods 
 to a distributor near you.

We are nearly at the longest night of the year. 
Temperatures are dropping quite quickly,  
though not compared to the Northern Hemisphere 
winter temperatures, and we are hoping for lots of rain this Winter. 

 Cape Town has a dire water shortage, due to seven years of 
low rainfall, so please be mindful of how you use water in and around Cape Town.

The sea looks like a Mill Pond this evening,  but by tomorrow it 
will be another story as the next cold front arrives.
Then, the Cape of Good Hope will show her other face 
the Cape of  Storms.

It is definitely time to light  those fires and open a bottle 
of  a favourite Wine,  We are so privileged to have 
so many fine ones that are developed right here,
virtually on our doorstep.